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November 11th - 21st, 2020

Please read *everything* below before signing up. Thanks!

If your audience consists of ENTREPRENEURS and
you have a free gift that provides a "FAST INCOME FORMULA"... 


The "Fast Income Formulas FREE Gifts Festival" is an 11-day collaborative event with 100 participating promotional partners (that's the number we're aiming for; there might be less, because quality has always priority over quantity in our world). Participating as a promotional partner is FREE of charge (and the same goes for attendees).

Each partner provides ONE amazing (aka super high-value) and free digitally delivered gift that does NOT require the attendees to enter any credit card information.

Should you accept our invitation to join us, we'll need the following info from you as soon as possible to secure your spot (this is what will be published on the event's delivery pages):
-> Your portrait photo
-> Your first and last name
-> The title of your free gift
-> A 50 to 60 word description of your free gift
-> The URL of the landing page where attendees can sign up to download your free gift

As a partner, you agree to actively promote the event to your entire email list of entrepreneurs, as well as share it on social media, from November 11th to the 21st, 2020. We invite all partners to commit to sending out at least one email and publish a minimum of 2 social media posts during this 11 day window.

Of course, you'll receive access to promo materials (written and visual) in advance (by Wednesday, November 4th, at the latest), making sharing easy and quick.

IMPORTANT: After the active promotion is over, our desire and intention is to make the FAST INCOME FORMULAS FREE Gifts Festival evergreen. This means that all of the partners will be able to integrate this event into their ongoing marketing - we all know how amazing it is to be able to send gifts to our audiences, especially after periods of intense email promotions.

These integrations (for example, adding the event to your broadcast or triggered emails) will allow for a continuous promotion of all participating partners, and are therefore highly encouraged.

P. S. What happens after you sign up through this page? You receive an email with all the details and instructions for your gift info submission. Please, only sign up if you know you'll be able to fully participate in the event. If you love the idea of this project, but the dates don't work for you, please email us at (without signing up for this particular gifts festival).

P. S. Signing up to be a partner DOES NOT add you to our general email list. If you'd like to kick this festival off early with our gift, the "Skyrocket Your Authority: A New Way To Profit From TV"  FREE Report is waiting for you HERE.
Meet the FREE Gifts Festival Host...
Dr. Martina Zorc, Founder and CEO of ZORC GLOBAL and ZORC SPACE, is an international space law expert (PhD), business strategist and consultant, international speaker and best-selling author.  With over 10 years in the experts industry, she works with driven, visionary leaders on optimizing your positioning, maximizing your business model, leveraging your assets via new and traditional media, with special emphasis on *connect TV* (ROKU TV, Amazon FIre TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast), and stepping into the ultimate authority/go-to partner/provider in your market.

Have questions before you sign up as Fast Income Formulas FREE Gifts Festival Partner? 
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